Felix Karlsson & Tobias Lindborg

Creative team from Stockholm, Sweden Currently at Droga5, New York

CNBC - The Job Interview

CANNES LIONS 2018 - Brand Experience & Activation | Launch/Re-Launch - SHORTLIST

To promote the launch of CNBC’s new series The Job Interview–a show in which real people are filmed during real interviews for real jobs–we took the show’s concept to its utmost extreme by organizing job interviews in a pop-up office at Rockefeller Center. The office looked just like a regular stereotypical corporate office, but with see-through glass walls. We then took the content and edited it down to a two minute long promotional video for the show, which was viewed over 2,000,000 times in the 48 hours leading up to the show premiere and contributing to making The Job Interview CNBC most watched series premiere of 2017.

Director: Paul Iannachino Jr.

GCD: Don Shelford

CD: Paul Meates

AD: Tobias Lindborg

CW: Felix Karlsson